Business Ownership & Parenthood
So I am sharing this with you as I think you may resonate with it. Last week my wife and I were suppose to be in Las Vegas for our 28th year anniversary. Nice dinners out, enjoying the sun and heat by the pool, playing ( and losing probably in the casinos) etc. Unfortunately however, we had to cancel our trip because my son got sick. In fact I spent 4 hours in the ER today to get him properly tested. 
Being a business owner and entrepreneur is not much different that being a parent. It is times like this that we as parents (mompreneur or dadpreneur) and as business owners must prioritize what is truly important and shift gears fast. It may be a sick child or it may be something that happens in our business that we were not expecting. Either way we need to be prepared for these unexpected events in our business and in our life. Rather than let it defeat us, as leaders, as parents we must rise to the occasion and make the best of the situation. Now when it comes to a sick family member our priorities instantly changes. It is innate within us. Then why don't we do this more as business owners? 

If I have learned anything being a parent for 19 years it's this... shit happens and life does not always go according to plan. However we rise to the occasion not because we want to but because we HAVE to. It is our responsibility.  Next time you are feeling defeated or overwhelmed in your business or have a friend who feels this way, remember to rise to the occasion. Not because you feel like it or want to but because you HAVE to. There is simply no choice other than to rise up. The opposite would suck. It just would!


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