After 25 Years of Owning a Business This is What I Know
I remember when my father was awarded a plaque from his employees for owing his business for 25 years. I thought WOW what an accomplishment. That is such a long time. Now here I am 25 years into my tenure as the leader and owner of my company. Ok I said the “L” word. More on that in a minute. 
Over the 2 ½ decades I have learned, grown and developed in different areas. I myself have made good decisions and I have made mistakes and learned from them. I have hired great people and been able to keep them in some cases for 15 – 20 years. I have also hired the wrong people and had to let them go. I have gone through both a merger and an acquisition. As a B2B business I have had the opportunity to be part of and see some business take off and grow and prosper. I have also seen many businesses struggle and some close-up shop. People frequently ask me why do some of these businesses succeed and prosper while others fail. I believe it comes down to ONE thing…  Leadership! However, leadership is not really a “thing” it is EveryTHING. This is what I know and believe. And this is not just the case in business success but in life as well. That is why I decided to become a business leadership coach 7 years ago. Think about it for a minute. Leadership is all about being in the forefront. It’s about having a vision for the future and then being intentional each and every day to work towards that vision. It’s about sharing your vision with those around you and bringing people on your team who will help you achieve this vision. Leadership is about making the people around you better. It’s about having a positive healthy mindset. It is about developing and empowering others. Leadership is about facing challenges head on. In fact great leaders expect challenges and prepare for them. Rather than viewing them as challenges or obstacles they become opportunities. Because they are prepared for them they can then navigate around them. Finally, leadership is putting your people’s needs ahead of your own. It’s doing the right thing NOT doing things just right.

So my question to you is are you Leading your Business or is it leading you?

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