Entrepreneur Challenges: "Struggle of the Juggle"​
These are definitely challenging days during this Covid-19 pandemic. Many small business owners are struggling and maybe even remain closed. Even before this pandemic many of us entrepreneurs and small business owners suffered what I call the “struggle of the juggle”?  This is even more challenging now while many work from home. Sharing your time between your business and you family can be a challenge. Having your kids at home and not in school is challenging. You feel guilty when you are working and not spending time with your family and you feel guilty when you are with your family and not working. You feel torn between trying to get your business going and helping your kids with their school work. Sound familiar? You’re doing both sort of ok but not mastering at either. You are not alone. This is very common especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. I am not here to simply give small business advice or business coaching but rather to offer some solutions to help you lead your business and live the life you want. In the end everyone is different and different strategies will help different people.
Our “Business & Life Mastery” clients learn some simple things they can do to make the juggling easier. Here are are 4 strategies you can try:
1)     Set Clear Boundaries: There are two parts to this. You need to first set boundaries for yourself and then communicate this to your team and your family. Schedule / block your “work” time to be just that work time. Especially if you work from home this is even more important. Laundry and cooking and binge watching Netflix should not be done during work time. Same for in the office. Block your time with specific tasks. Then during that time remain focused on the task that you have blocked time for.
2) Take Breaks: Now more than ever blocking time for breaks and "me time" is critical. Take the dog for a walk. Listen to some uplifting music or a podcast. Throw a load of laundry in before you start your working block and the plan for the next step when you want to take a break. Fold and listen to some great music. Frequent breaks throughout the day will make a huge difference not just for the success of your business but your family as well.
3) Be Creative I get it. There is so much to do with household chores, the kids, and oh ya your business you are trying to grow. Be creative. If you want to free up time for the kids and you have a stack of laundry that needs to get done try using this laundry time as your "thinking time. Folding laundry can actually be part of a creative process. Brainstorm ideas while folding and / or listen to a podcast that can help you in a certain area. The key is for you to be in control… not the household duties. Another solution may be to get the kids involved in the folding of the laundry or emptying of the dishwasher. Don't laugh... try it.
4)   Go off the Grid: Yes this can be one of the most challenging these days but when you are at home spending time with your family turn off your cell phone or put it away. There I said it! Especially with a young family. Block your “family time”. If they see you on your phone constantly when you are with them, they will end up doing the same. Dinner time is for connecting and enjoying good food NOT checking emails and Instagram or FB posts. When you are on your phone during “family time” you are saying to them that your phone and others is more important than them? I know we all need to do work at home from time to time or like to surf the net. Just be intentional with when you do it and don’t sacrifice your family time for it.


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