Passion vs Purpose
I struggled for years searching for my passion. I had been a small business owner for years but I was not fulfilled. I thought that it was "passion" that was missing. All the experts were saying to "find your passion" and you will have success. Then I realized that finding my "passion" was not the key for me. It was finding my "purpose". Once I made this shift everything began to change. I realized my "purpose", the reason that I am in this world is to make a difference in the lives of others. So I ventured out and became a certified leadership coach and started coaching the employees in my company and helping them to become the best they can be. Then I started my coaching & mentoring business helping and coaching other business owners. I found my purpose. The truth about focusing on our passion for our business is that it gets difficult. Passion is powerful but without purpose it will slowly erode and fade away. 

Passion is in the moment whereas Purpose is something we are constantly working on and towards. When we are living our purpose we are being true to ourselves. We will fight through the difficult times because it is our purpose. Ironically, when we live our purpose we also become more passionate about what we do because it is what we feel we are meant to do. 

Now I am not saying you can't have a successful business without it being your life's purpose but what I am saying it is a hell of a lot easier and more fulfilling! If you are a small business owner and looking for small business advice the finding your "purpose" would be at the top of my list of business advice to you.


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