The Stern Truth on Goals & Achievement
Tis the season to be reflecting on the past year and planning for 2019. As small business owners, financial professionals and entrepreneurs we tend to either make big goals for the coming year and fail to achieve them or fail to make any goals at all.  In my 25+ years in business I have seen many businesses do both including my own. I have found with my own business as well as the clients I coach that the problem is not necessarily with the goal setting itself but in many cases what happens before you set the goals and then after. It is in the planning of the goals and then the actual taking action. Below is an overview of what we help our clients do in Business & Life Mastery.  This covers NOT just your business but your whole life. I believe there are 4 critical steps to take in order to get the results that you desire and deserve.

1.      3 Year Vision
Before you make specific goals for 2019 spend some time and think about what you want your business and life to look like in 3 years. This is what I refer to as “Vision Casting”. We have specific exercises our clients go through that helps in this area. Visualize being there 3 years from now and write down what you see and want. What is your Why? Why do you want this vision? It needs to be strong enough.

2.      1 Year Vision
With your 3 Year Vision in mind decide where you need to be 1 year from now in order to be on track to achieving your 3 Year Vision. One exercise we help our clients go through is called the “wheel of life”. It looks at the various areas of your life and where you want to be in 1 year. Then from there you set S.M.A.R.T. goals.

3.      90 Day Plan of Action
Here is where you crunch your goals down into 90 day increments. Decide what you need to achieve in the next 90 days (or first 90 days of 2019) in order to be on track to achieving your 1 Year Vision. Then on a daily basis write down the action steps you can do (even small ones) that will move you closer to the 90 day goal. At the end of the day and week reflect back to see how you did with your action steps.

4.      Take Action
This is where the rubber meets the road as they say. I know this sounds too simple and it really is. Most people get stuck at this part. It is the same with New Years Resolutions. It is exciting making them and hard keeping them. Why? It’s because it’s work! However, if you have done the Vision Casting properly then the business & life you are designing is emotional to you. Every day you look at your 90 day goals and write down the action steps you need (as shown in #3) and then TAKE ACTION. Every day take action even if they are small steps. These small steps if done consistently will compound and you will begin to see incredible results from your effort.
 What do you need to do so that you can achieve the goals and dreams you desire and deserve?
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