How Committed are you Really?
It’s great to have goals that you want to achieve. When I work with my clients I have them paint the picture of the business & life they want to create in 2- 3 years time. That’s why my coaching program is called Business & Life Mastery. This is the easy part. Do you have a clear vision of what you want your life to look like in 1, 2 or 3 years? If so, then the bigger question is are you fully committed to going all out to achieve this vision or goal? 

It’s easy to set goals or create a vision but it’s another to actually wake up every morning and be fully committed to doing what it takes to go after them. Without you being 100% committed to achieving these goals, life will simply get in the way and prevent you from achieving them. You may have great intentions this week to get certain action steps done, but then you wake up and it’s raining outside, or the kids are sick or your tired. You end up losing a client and start doubting yourself and your abilities. You start comparing yourself to others in your industry and wonder if you can really do this. Without 100% commitment you will let other people and outside influences de-rail your progress. 

However, when you are fully committed you will then alter paths as needed and take the consistent daily action steps needed in order to create the business & life that you want. If you are NOT committed yet maybe the goals or vision are not important enough to you? 


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