Daylight Savings & Your Business
Most of us are conditioned to think about what we lose in the short term with daylight savings versus what we gain. Yes we move the clocks forward and lose one hour of our precious time. We lose one hour of sleep. We lose one hour of productivity. We are tired the days following and in fact car accidents increase significantly during the days following daylight savings. Here’s the thing, rather than focusing on what we are losing why not focus on what we are gaining and furthermore prepare ourselves ahead of time so that to we can cope better with the one hour less of sleep. Great leaders plan for the future and prepare for change. In fact they create the change! Why not take control and create the change before it happens? Begin to adjust your internal time clock a few days before so that when the official change occurs you are already there. That is what great leaders do. Also rather than focusing on losing that one of our sleep focus on the one extra hour of daylight. Think about all that you can do now with the extra hour. Play outside with your kids after dinner or take the dog for a longer walk. Spring time brings a lift of energy with us as done the extra hour if you focus on the power of that extra hour of sunlight. It’s like cleaning out your closest. As the famous saying goes “you have to get rid of the old to make way for the new”. Daylight savings and the extra hour of sunlight is the new. Your business is no different than daylight savings. There will be things we lose and somethings we need to lose to make room for new opportunities. 

The key is to have become the leader your business needs you to be. Like daylight savings we know change will happen. The question is how you think about this change and prepare for it. Or better yet create it.

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