The Secret "L" Word for Business Owners
So here’s the thing over the past 26 years as a business owner I have had great, good days and not so good days. I have had strong years and lean years, been through recessions, birth of and actively raising my 2 kids, health challenges for both myself and family members including losing loved ones, relocating my business twice, starting a partnership and ending one, having to hire and fire employees, and now a pandemic. Within that time I have also hired a few different coaches, taken many self development and training programs, read the books and listened to the podcasts. I even published my own book and podcast while launching my coaching business on the side. People often are amazed that I have had my business for 26 years and ask how I have managed to do this. The truth is simple. 

Throughout this time both in my personal life and business life I have maintained a Leaders Mindset. I know this may sound text book or too ra ra for you but it is the honest truth. Rather than just being a business operator I decided early on to be a business leader. I knew I wanted to build a life for myself, my wife and my future kids. I knew that in order to build a long term sustainable business I needed to build a strong team around me and work more on the business than in it. 

Don’t get me wrong have been times where I need to buckle down and really work in it. But having that team and support allowed me the space to work on the business and have the time and energy to be spend time with my family without being distracted by work, email etc. It gave me time to write that book, launch my coaching business and not lose my mind in the process! I truly believe that if there was ONE secret in business and life it is “Leadership” and having a “Leader’s Mindset” If you think that you more of a business operator than business leader reach out to me, DM me. 

We can simply have a chat or we can go through what I call an “UnBusiness Assessment” that may give you the clarity and direction forward that you need right now.


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