The Stern Truth About Accountability Partners
One of the biggest challenges I find with my small business owner & entrepreneur coaching clients is that they feel alone in their business and have nobody to hold them accountable. I have owned and operated several small businesses for more than 30 years and I know this first hand. The good news is that there are a few options that can help entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their small business.  The first one is to hire a coach or mentor to help guide them and hold them accountable.  This could be a general business coach, success coach, mindset coach, leadership coach or even a more specific coach such as a marketing coach or sales coach. 

The other option that can work is finding an "accountability partner".  Accountability partners can be very helpful for small business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve specific outcomes that we desire, both in their small business and in their life. They help you stay motivated, encourage you and can even strategize with you around your business goals. They can act as an advisor when you need it. However, this is usually only the case when both partners are fully committed and willing to push each other. THE STERN TRUTH is that in many cases it doesn't work long term as one of the partners doesn't want it bad enough and ends up letting the other partner off the hook. This accountability partnership usually then ends. 

A third option would be joining an accountability group or mastermind group. Again as in the partner option, the effectiveness will only be as strong as the other members. That is why 2x per year I run a group program for small business owners and entrepreneurs called CREATE. This is a 2 month group program where we meet virtually weekly. It includes teaching and coaching around specific strategies and mindsets as well as accountability. 

There is definitely power in holding yourself accountable to someone. Whether it is a coach, mentor or accountability partner or group the key is to ensure that the partner or group has your best interests in mind and will stick to holding you accountable to doing what you say you will do. That is THE STERN TRUTH!


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